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Auto Brand Positioning and Why It Matters.

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There are plenty of experts and amateurs that recommend that businesses "position their brand well" or develop a "unique selling proposition". This is typically great advice, but this advice typically doesn't go much deeper than surface level. Rarely are examples given of exactly what these ambiguous terms means and how they can be practically applied. Let's take a quick look into the auto industry to discover some relevant examples.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is an electrical car company that is quickly disrupting the automotive industry. The unique selling proposition of Tesla Motors is that their cars are electric powered, therefore cutting costs of gasoline and reducing carbon emissions at the same time. Having positioned themselves as a luxury car company, Tesla is quickly snatching up market share because they have provided a unique selling proposition as to why their beautiful luxury car is better than a typical Mercedes or Cadillac.

Spruce Street 4x4 Repair

Spruce Street Auto & 4x4 Center has been serving the Boulder community for decades. In addition to being a reputable and quality auto repair Boulder business, they have pursued their passion of 4x4ing in Colorado and opened up a fantastic stream for new customers to reach out to them. If a person's custom rig used for 4x4ing in the high altitudes of Colorado breaks down, these enthusiasts will typically try to fix the problem themselves. When that cannot be done, they call a 4x4 expert, not just a random auto repair company. 4x4 repair is an excellent positioning strategy and unique selling proposition for auto repair companies in mountainous regions.

DiscountTire.Com is an online tire retailer that provides an immense amount of options to purchase, shipping and lower prices than most brick and mortar stores. Positioning themselves against brick and mortar shops, they have quickly been able to sell a large amount of merchandise to customers who want no hassle or pressure from tire salesman. Additionally, they currently have a unique selling proposition on their homepage that if you buy 4 tires, you will receive a $160 Visa gift card in return. This is no different than buy 3 tires, get the 4th free, but it is a novel approach that will certainly gain them more conversions.



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