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Autistic man homeschooled receives his education dream

Michael Vidal, artist with autism with his art "Limit Breakers"
Cynthia Drucker

Michael is an artist with autism and is a recent graduate from Broward College receiving a degree in Arts. Reflecting on his recent accomplishment he says: "I am so excited about it, and I enjoyed my moment. I call it my, "me time". I learned a big lesson and I proved to myself that I have no limitations and I can make my dreams come true, believing in myself. Thank you to my family who has supported me throughout my school years. And a huge thanks to my life coach who made me the best I can be." Pictured is art created by Michael, "the Limit Breakers". Michaels’ mother, Angelica Vidal, explained her journey to seek the best appropriate schooling for her son after receiving a diagnosis of autism at the young age of five . The family packed up their belongings, and traveled south across the States leaving friends and family behind in Arizona. On the road, they often slept in the family van and eventually settled in central Florida looking for a better education for their son. They soon realized they were chasing broken promises for an enriched education that did not exist. Having given up on the public school system for the early developing years, Michael’s mother placed her own developing fashion designer career on permanent hold to focus on her son’s educational plan. As a college grad, Michael is focused on selling more art and becoming a cartoonist like his favorite teacher, Albert Baruch, a former Disney artist. Michael exhibits his art locally in Broward County and in a virtual gallery as a member of ArtistsWithAutism,Inc. Though Michael no longer needs the homeschool atmosphere, the original homeschool program that was specifically tailored for Michael, continues to help other students with autism. Michael’s mother, Angelica Vidal, helped him achieve his success with a customized education plan designed for him. She devised a workbook based on the way most autistics learned, which is visual. Angelica Vidal, never knew her original home school lesson plan would eventually become a published workbook for other students with autism to follow. Ms. Vidal is the author of the original lesson plan and workbook, titled The Book for your Future, and its secondary learning guide, The Success Express. Angelica Vidal is known for her work as a local tutor and life coach for other students on the autism spectrum. Angelica Vidal can be reached at and her books are available through Amazon online bookstores.

Michael is one of several artists whose art is featured at the Artists with Autism Gallery and Gift Boutique located inside the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach, Florida

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