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Autistic boy kept in cage: Parents arrested for keeping boy in metal dog kennel

Police have arrested the parents of a severely autistic 11-year-old boy after finding that the parents kept him in a cage. The cage, much like a dog kennel, was used for the boy because as he got older the parents were finding it harder to control him during outbreaks, according to USA Today on July 3.

Police remove the metal cage that an austic boy's parent's kept him in. Both parents were arrrested.
YouTube screen shot/ Fox News

Police went out on this call after getting an anonymous tip that this child was kept in a metal cage. When they arrived at the home they found evidence of this.

Tracy Trang Lee, 35, and 40-year-old Loi Vu were arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment and felony false imprisonment. Police said when they entered the home they saw the six-foot tall, four-foot-wide and five-foot-long cage with a mattress and bedding inside, reports CBS News.

The other kids in the home did not look like they suffered from abuse or neglect and they looked as if all their basic needs were meant. The 11-year-old autistic boy also looked as if his basic needs were met.

Two younger siblings, along with the autistic boy, were taken into protective custody by Orange County Child and Family Services. This family of five, along with other relatives, lived in the home. Another family rents a room from the parents inside the home, said police.

Crime scene investigators from the Anaheim, Calif. Police Department were seen removing that cage that was used by the parents to contain the boy from the home. The police didn't release any other information regarding the parents.

Anaheim Police Lt. Bob Dunn said that there are agencies in place for families that are having a hard time handling a child with special needs. Putting your child in a locked cage, no matter how desperate the situation gets, is not the way to go.

The police needed a translator to talk with the parents and sort out the details of what was going on in the home. The autistic child cannot communicate. It sounded as if the parents used the cage for the child when he was having a bout of uncontrollable behavior.

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