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Autistic Arizona woman imprisoned and isolated by Ohio APSI

Nancy Vallone
Nancy Vallone
Nancy Vallone

Danielle Murphy, a twenty-something woman with autism, is denied all contact with friends, family, and loved ones. Since June 2012, Ohio’s private non-profit Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc. (APSI) has kept Danielle imprisoned and isolated in a Cleveland assisted living facility.

Danielle lived with her aunt and guardian Nancy Vallone in Scottsdale, Arizona since Danielle was three months of age. Danielle and her Aunt Nancy had a loving relationship. Danielle was mainstreamed into public schools and participated in community activities.

In June 2008, Nancy took Danielle to Ohio to obtain better services than Arizona offered for adults with developmental disabilities. In August 2008, APSI seized total control of Danielle. APSI confined Danielle in a series of dismal facilities and denied the specialized care that Nancy moved to Ohio to obtain.

Danielle begged to return to Nancy's care. The National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse posted Danielle’s letters pleading to live with her aunt.

Nancy filed many complaints about neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse under APSI's care. Court records show that APSI retaliated by restricting visitation, and then APSI denied Danielle all visitation and phone calls.

For nearly two years, APSI has denied Danielle any contact with family or loved ones. Nancy does not know Danielle’s location or condition.

November 2008

Nancy believes that Danielle was sexually assaulted by a 25 year old man.

APSI refuses to investigate, perform rape kit, follow-up on assault, [Danielle] restrained to 4 point restraints, sedated…

March 2009

Broken finger

August 2009

[Danielle] experienced staff abuse reported by staff at meeting – neck ligature marks.

While at Cleveland Clinic, Charlie confiscated Danielle’s cell phone.

January 2010

[Danielle] states she is not allowed to go to court hearings and wishes for an attorney.

May 2010

APSI placed restrictions on visitation: 1 hour, supervised, no discussion of attending school or changing guardian.

June 20, 2012

APSI Regional Program Director Russell Kinnebrew wrote to Nancy:

Effective immediately as guardian of the person, Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc. (APSI) is restricting all phone calls to and from you. APSI is not permitting any visitation anywhere until further notice.

October 23, 2012

APSI’s Russell Kennebrew emailed Nancy:

After reviewing Danielle’s request for a visit with the Protective Services Representative, I have decided to continue the moratorium indefinitely. Apparently, there has been some phone contact with you and that resulted in Danielle refusing medical appointments and exhibiting non-compliance with routine activities.

January 14, 2013

APSI’s Russell Kinnebrew wrote to Nancy:

Effective immediately as guardian of the person, Adult & Protective Services, Inc. (APSI) is restricting all contact (i.e. phone calls and visitation) with you for an indefinite period of time.

February 1, 2013

APSI’s Russell Kinnebrew wrote to Magistrate David Mills of Cuyahoga County Probate Court:

In January, another letter (a copy is enclosed) was sent to Ms. Vallone notifying her that all contact with Miss Murphy would be restricted for an indefinite period of time. It appears that Ms. Vallone is continuing her attempts to contact [Danielle] and disrupt the Team’s treatment plan for Miss Murphy.

January 2014

Danielle is missing. The facility at 4462 West 28th Street in Cleveland, where Danielle was last held prisoner, now lies vacant. APSI did not inform Nancy of Danielle's change in residence.

March 31, 2104:

Nancy emailed Russell Kinnebrew asking for visitation with Danielle.

Future postings will follow the progress of Danielle’s case.

APSI’s Administrative Office is located at:

Adult & Protective Services, Inc.
4110 N. High St., 2nd floor
Columbus, OH 43214
Phone: 614-262-3800 OR
Fax: 614-262-3838

APSI’s Executive Director is:
Karla Rinto

Cuyahoga County Council Members

District 9: C. Ellen Connally, President

District 1: Dave Greenspan

District 2: Dale Miller

District 3: Dan Brady, Vice-President

District 4: Chuck Germana

District 5: Michael J. Gallagher

District 6: Jack Schron

District 7: Yvonne M. Conwell

District 8: Pernel Jones, Jr.

District 10: Anthony T. Hairston

District 11: Sunny M. Simon

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