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Autism Resources in Madison Wisconsin

ASGM's Amazing Farm Days, October 2009
ASGM's Amazing Farm Days, October 2009
Amy Urbanek

Madison has many valuable resources for families of children with autism. These resources can range from Healthcare to Social Groups, and some are private organizations while others are state or county funded. There are so many more available, this is just a partial list.

Autism Society of Greater Madison
As a local chapter of the Autism Society of Wisconsin, ASGM has served children and families in South central and Southwestern Wisconsin since 1969. ASGM offered social and educational programs for children and parents.

Wisconsin Early Autism Project
The earlier autism is discovered, the sooner therapies can start. This organization has 5 clinics throughout Wisconsin.

Integrated Development Services, Inc
Offers a range of services for children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders, childhood mental health concerns, along with other behavioral and emotional challenges.

Common Threads Family Resource Center
This organization supports children with developmental delays, sensory integration needs, behavioral issues and social challenges with a variety of programs.

Whatever your particular need, there is at least one place to start. Most of these organizations are good at referring you elsewhere if one is not able to help you. Research is key to find the organizations and resources that may work for you. Networking with parents, teachers and healthcare providers is also important, and can be a great way to meet other children and families in similar situations.