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Autism numbers grow to 1 in 68 children

1 in 68 kids is autistic
1 in 68 kids is autistic

Remember back when it was scary enough to hear the number of children with Autism had grown to 1 out of 100? Well, that number continues to rise and doctors still say they don't now what causes it.

Thursday, the CDC announced now that 1 out of 68 children fall into the spectrum of Autism.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder is the term to used describe children with neuro-developmental disorders that impairs social skills. Autism is called a spectrum disorder because no two children is similar: if one child has high IQ and low social skills, the other may have low IQ and severe sensitivity to touch.

The CDC released the new data in the "Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder among Children Aged 8 Years - Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 11 Sites, United States, 2010." It found roughly 30 % higher incidence than previous estimates reported in 2012 of 1 in 88 children being identified with an autism spectrum disorder.

The number of children identified with ASD ranged from 1 in 175 children in Alabama to 1 in 45 children in New Jersey.

The CDC study showed that autism is five times more common among boys than girls: 1 in 42 boys versus 1 in 189 girls.

The study found that almost half of children identified with ASD have average or above average intellectual ability (an IQ above 85) compared to a third of children a decade ago.

Coleen Boyle, director of CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, say "Community leaders, health professionals, educators and childcare providers should use these data to ensure children with ASD are identified as early as possible and connected to the services they need."

Research has sown children with autism can manage better if they undergo therapies such as behavior or occupational therapy. Many see improvements through diet as well.

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