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Autism heroes


Did Albert Einstein have autism?  Did Andy Warhol, Lewis Carroll or Isaac Newton?

Some might say that the famous scientists, artist, mathematician were autistic because while they excelled at their particular field, they each found it difficult to fit into society.

In the book "Different Like Me" by Jennifer Elder, Quinn is an autistic boy who is great at drawing, but finds it hard to relate to his peers.  He wonders how many autistic people lived and did great things before autism was discovered in the 1940's, and became widely known much later in the 20th century.

This book is a wonderful tool for parents, teachers, grandparents,caregivers, siblings and autistic children, as it might help in the understanding of the diagnosis and what makes them special.   Each autism hero has their own page describing their life and the things they accomplished.  Beautiful illustrations complete the book.

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