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Autism: God's Judgement on the World

On Thursday, the GOP reportedly asked Susan Atanus to drop her bid for the Republican nomination for 9th Congressional District. Ms. Atanus stated in an interview with Chicago's Daily Herald that God is angry with homosexuality and abortion. According to the paper, God is pouring His wrath out through cold weather, Autism, and Dementia.

GOP Candidate says Autism is God's Wrath
Photo by Sarah Rice/Getty Images

Ms. Atanus denies being asked by GOP leaders to withdraw and states she will not withdraw. Her comments have sparked outrage among many groups online and around America. While the Bible states homosexuality and abortions are abominations to God; there is no logical nor theological link between Autism and homosexuality. The Chicago GOP Chairman, Adam Robinson, has distanced himself and the party from the primary candidate.

Autism is not a political tool. It is a serious life-condition that millions of people seek help with each day. Ms. Atanus and others who seek to use Autism as a platform should talk to people with Autism and their family members. She should visit schools and talk to teachers and support staff. Politicians should seek to find out what they can do legislatively and personally to support people who have Autism rather than providing lip-service, broken promises, or insults.

This Examiner wants to hear from you: Do you agree or disagree with Ms. Atanus use of Autism as a political tool?

Source: The Daily Herald

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