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AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Autism 101-English and Arabic JUNE 2014

Hafitha Alqaza gives a brief presentation on autism basics in both English and Arabic languages. Hafitha will be giving regular chats, talks and panel discussions for the AUTISM BRAINSTORM Community on Google+ and will be joined frequently by Autism Brainstorm collaborator, Dr. Stephen Shore of The link for this presentation EVENT PAGE can be found HERE.

AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Autism 101-English and Arabic JUNE 2014
Hafitha Alqaza, Kathleen Tehrani

We will be sharing information that is freely distributed from a variety of sources in English. Hafitha has worked in the field of special education for many years and has volunteered graciously to provide translations for the Arabic speaking community. She has a very active Facebook page where she shares interesting articles, tips and techniques for the autism community. Hafitha is also an active member at THE AUTISM BRAINSTORM COMMUNITY ON GOOGLE+.

AUTISM BRAINSTORM COMMUNITY on G+ provides a platform for individuals on the spectrum, advocates and experts to share with one another as a collaborative community. This provides the opportunity for all of these groups to empower one another....helping to improve life for people on the autism spectrum. The focus of this community is to share interesting information about our specific strengths, abilities, challenges and needs as well as those of our family members and students. If you have information that can assist or have an article post that is helpful, please join the group and share.

An addition place to connect with AUTISM BRAINSTORM's ceo-Kathleen Tehrani, and all the AUTISM BRAINSTORM collaborators, is at the website: AUTISM BRAINSTORM is a FREE online interactive community. It is a place of information dissemination, social interaction, and philanthropic opportunity. Persons on the autism spectrum, their family and caregivers will come to the community and be engaged in a wide variety of activities.

It is our intention to provide an opportunity for healing, enlightening, and entertaining social interaction within a virtual environment, easily accessible from the comfort of one's own home where individuals will be able to reach across the state, the country and the positively impact the lives of others. This is our ultimate goal.