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Autism in black children not caught early

Studies suggest that autism in black children may not be caught early as in white children.
Studies suggest that autism in black children may not be caught early as in white children.
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Researchers suggest that black children with autism are not diagnosed as early as white children, which can make treatment more difficult. While studies into why more minority children are not being diagnosis early are ongoing, there are several reasons that could be potential roadblocks in why diagnosis is delayed.

Early diagnosis can make a big difference in how children live day-to-day with autism. A recent report looks into possibilities into why the delay likely occurs more in black children. It’s believed that black children may have less access to affordable quality care and knowledgeable health services.

Yet researchers also believe there is social stigma in the black community about issues in mental health which is making the issue more challenging. Some black parents are likely to be reluctant in getting services for their child if they have been diagnosed with many parents finding it a challenge to accept it in the beginning.

Another problem could be misdiagnosis; children may not have the same access to certain medical evaluations. Yet, researchers claim that diagnosing autism doesn’t have a certain criteria since imbalances in the brain vary. The African American community doesn’t speak about autism often which could result to more family challenges and higher rates of misdiagnoses.

1 out of 110 children are diagnosed with autism with intervention being recommended near age 3. Intervention plays an important role in helping children develop healthy living routines while aiming to improve their development in general.


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