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Autism Awareness in Iowa

Autism Awareness Ribbon, Colorful Puzzle Pieces,  Free Creative Commons Public Domain Download by Beverly & Pack
Autism awareness ribbon,Colorful puzzle pieces, Download by Beverly & Pack on

When dealt the card of autism in one's life, it is often difficult to find information and support right when one needs it. Those living in Iowa  or who have loved-ones who live in Iowa, rest assured that there is support out there.

According to the 2008 State Autism Profile, there were 1,192 children between the ages of 3 and 21 with autism in Iowa in 2007, up from 665 in 2000. There does exist a 13-member Iowa Autism Council whose purpose is to study the needs of children and adults with autism and to advise the state on a range of support services. The Iowa Department of Education hosts on their website information about the Iowa Autism Council including meeting agenda and dates.

In addition to the Iowa Autism Council, there are a number of respected organizations that support persons with autism and their families right in Iowa. One is the Iowa Protection and Advocacy Services, Inc. This organization works to "protect and advocate for the human and legal rights that ensure individuals with disabilities and/or mental illness a free, appropriate, public education, employment opportunities, and residence or treatment in the least restrictive environment or method and for freedom from stigma." This organization hosts a number of events including participation in RAGBRAI.

For those looking ahead to the warm summer months, Camp Albrecht Acres is a well-known camp for person's with disabilities in Sherrill, IA. There are week-long and weekend camp schedules for both adults and children. Throughout the year Albrecht Acres also organizes events and fundraisers. Coming up is a Trivia Night, a Consignment Auction, and much more fun!

Be it educational, legal, medical, or recreational support - Iowa's got it covered!


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