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Authors & Writers: 5 Tips to Remember when Working with a Book Promoter

The purpose of a book promoter is to showcase and highlight you and the message of your book. Book promotion is supported by the idea of building lasting relationships through community, conversations and human relations. When you retain an book promoter you are hiring someone who is supporting & celebrating your accomplishments with the media.

To ensure the most effective visibility in regards to the promotion of your book, keep the tips outline below in mind:

Be Timely when sending the requested materials such as book cover picture, author bio, author picture and book description to your promoter so they can have these materials ready when "called" upon.

Watch the format of the requested materials you send to your promoter . If you send the wrong format of the materials, the time delay could result in possible missed opportunities.

Proof and Read before sending emails or other materials to the media. Taking the time to read the blog post, interview, biography or press release one more time can reduce stress in the long run.

Communicate your scheduled trips and events as soon as possible. This will help eliminate the probability of double booking you for a media opportunity.Communicating the time and dates allows your promoter to reschedule your interview or event.

Allow your book promoter to do the job of contacting the media--bloggers, magazine editors or radio show hosts. Many times, the book promoter may be able to create additional opportunities to highlight you and your book. If you receive a call or invite from the media, you can refer them to contact your book promoter.

A book promoter is the key messenger between you and the media. Having a secure professional partnership with your book promoter will go along way in gaining the media coverage for you and your book.

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