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Authors around Ohio

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all ready to start this series of articles about writers from Ohio. There will be well-known and not so well-known, and some who you might say “Wow! I didn’t know he/she was from Ohio. I really like their stuff!” Anyhow, this is the first installment and because of what is happening with movies today I have chosen someone who you might not know began his career in Ohio, but you definitely know his work. Ready? Our writer of the week is Brian Michael Bendis.

Brian Michael Bendis was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1967 and like most young children loved reading comic books. Unlike most young children, he loved them so much he chose comics to be his career. He attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and got thrown into a job at a comic book store. In an interview by Keith Phipps for the A.V. Club, Bendis credits working at a comic book store with giving him more insight into the business of creating and selling comics.

During this time he was working on his own comic and informed the university he needed to continue working on his and have it apply for his college credits. He even sold it in the store where he worked so he could get feedback from those who read it, giving him the tools he needed to start perfecting the craft of his chosen career.

His comics may have been rough in the beginning but Bendis kept improving his story lines and characters through his comics titled Powers and the series titled Jinx published by Image Comics until 2004 when Brian Michael Bendis made a move to Marvel Comics when Marvel began its Icon Imprint. Marvel’s idea was to bring in Bendis as one of the writers to help freshen up the Superheroes series for a new and younger generation of comic book readers. The results have been amazing with television productions that include the series “Spider-Man” and the “Ultimate Spider-Man”.

Brian Michael Bendis, a kid from Cleveland, Ohio who found a way to turn what he enjoyed into a career for himself and winning awards for his talent. What better way is there to make a living without having to go to work.

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