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Authorpreneur in Pajamas by Geraldine Solon

Authorpreneur in Pajamas by Geraldine Solon

Writing and publishing a book isn't what it used to be. Back in the day, writers were responsible for writing, and hired publicists to take care of their marketing. Nowadays, writers not only need to know how to write, they need to know how to build relationships with fans, bloggers, and other writers, and find ways to both self-publish and promote their books. In other words, they need to build an author platform. From scratch.

Geraldine Solon seems to have this process down. Having published 4 books and built a successful platform of her own, she shares her knowledge with writers who are also juggling both writing and promoting in Authorpreneur in Pajamas. Because Solon has built her platform from the ground up, her knowledge as a self-published author has allowed her to shed some light on this new process for writers, and how they can build their own platform without leaving the comfort of their pjs.

In Authorpreneur, Solon guides the reader step by step through the process of building a platform. She emphasizes how to build relationships with bloggers and fans on social media, and stresses the importance of having a professional website and head shots. She urges writers to take advantage of this new era, where anyone can write, self-publish, and promote their book with the right amount of tools and research.

One of the best things about Solon's book is the sheer number of resources she offers for writers. After almost every chapter where a new strategy is introduced, she lists a dozen or so resources with which to implement the strategies she talks about. For example, when she talks about the amount of websites that cater to authors by giving blog tours, she lists numerous sites in which to find and set up blog tours for published novelists. She also lists dozens of websites to visit in order to stay up to date with the self-publishing and writing industry.

Perhaps the best thing about Solon's book is that she makes it sound so easy to become an 'authorpreneur', which she defines as an author who "focuses on establishing one's brand to the consumer using different avenues to promote their work." It took her a mere three months to build her platform, and the advice she shares is enough to inspire anyone to go out and start promoting their book. She drives home that it's up to writers now to take action and do the work that needs to be done to promote their book and personal brand.

I've strayed from the writing and self-publishing industry for awhile, but Solon's book helped me get reacquainted the art of crafting fiction, and all the ways to promote it. It's definitely worth a peek for anyone who's been struggling with their own author platform.