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Authorities won't charge woman for stabbing a man to death with a comb handle

On Friday, State’s Attorney Joe McMahon stated that no charges will be filed against an unnamed 19-year-old Illinois woman, who stabbed a man to death with a comb handle. Last fall, Lamar House, 31, died of a stabbing during a domestic dispute in his Ohio Street home. Kane County prosecutors believe she acted in self-defense.

A woman won't face charges after she stabbed a man to death with a comb handle after a domestic dispute. Illustration isn't actual comb used in death. website

On September 3, the couple became involved in a violent confrontation during the early morning hours. He died after suffering a fatal wound from the sharp handle of a 12-inch plastic comb. The coroner ruled the fatal wound pierced House’s aorta.

McMahon said he reviewed the evidence several times before concluding the unnamed woman acted in self-defense. McMahon said:

“I concluded that the evidence strongly suggests that Mr. House’s death was the result of an act of self-defense that his companion was trying to prevent further harm.”

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