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Authorities seek killer lion following deadly attack on German shepherd

Dog killed by mountain lion in Calif.
Dog killed by mountain lion in Calif.
Screen shot via ABC 7 News

Update 3/6/14: Local officials have called off the search (as of Thursday late morning). They believe that the mountain lion ran back into the canyon.

According to Wednesday's ABC 7 News, authorities in Fontana, Calif., are utilizing swat teams on the ground and helicopters in the sky, in an effort to locate a mountain lion who killed a large German shepherd.

The deadly attack took place in Jonathan Slater's backyard, and it was his 100-pound German shepherd, "Princess," who perished in the early morning hours on Wednesday. The large cat, described as "three times as big" as the dog, jumped over a fence to access the yard where Princess was killed.

Officials want to find the lion because they describe the big cat's behavior as unusual.

Fontana Police Chief Rod Jones told ABC 7 News:

The advice that we had is the behavior of this animal is very, very bizarre and very unique, and what they told us is this animal is a significant public threat,

Fish and Game officials arrived to the property 4100 block of Fox Borough Drive and they fired warning shots at the lion - the cat, however, seemed to be undeterred by the gunshots and kept coming back.

Because of the mountain lion's behavior, residents in the area are being advised to stay on high alert and are warned to keep their pets indoors. Anyone who spots the mountain lion is advised to call 911.

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