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Authorities discover Indian ocean data in Malaysian Airline pilot's simulator

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As authorities continue to investigate the disappearance of the now infamous flight MH 370, a March 19th report by the Indian Times reveals that authorities discovered data about the Indian ocean in the pilot’s at home flight simulator. While authorities have not officially declared a cause for the flight’s disappearance, there has been much discussion about the possibility of a hijacking. Not surprisingly, this has caused increased scrutiny on the two men responsible for flying the Boeing 777.

This new information comes after investigators have learned the plane’s change in course was programmed before the last transmission from the pilots. While many experts continue to suggest a mechanical failure as a plausible explanation, the public discussion largely focused on the plane being hijacked.

The discovery of data about the Indian ocean in MH 370’s pilots’ simulator may not explain much of anything. It is highly likely that this data could be included in a wide range of flight simulator software packages. There is little doubt that this story is far from being solved.