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Author reveals details about 1961 disappearance of Michael Rockefeller

The Daily Mail reports a story today about the mysterious disappearance of Michael Rockefeller, a Harvard educated artifacts collector. Based on findings from author and historian Carl Hoffman, he reveals details about the 1961 mystery in his book Savage Harvest (release date: March 18, 2014).

Author and historian Carl Hoffman releases new information about the 1961 disappearance of Michael Rockefeller.
Daily Mail (Associated Press)

Michael Rockefeller, son of Nelson Rockefeller, vanished on November 17, 1961 in New Guinea. Rockefeller and Renee Wassing, a Dutch anthropologist, and two guides had taken a canoe trip to visit the Asmat tribal homeland. Unfortunately, the canoe capsized and tossed the five travelers into the river. The two guides swam off to find help while Rockefeller and Wassing remained behind. Against Wassing’s judgment, Rockefeller swam to the shore for help. After rescuers located Wassing, the search unsuccessfully focused on Rockefeller. No one ever saw him alive again. Eventually, authorities declared Rockefeller legally dead.

Since 1961, many theories of Rockefeller’s disappearance have been considered. The most common beliefs are that he drowned, was eaten by a crocodile or killed and eaten by cannibals. Since 1961, many searches, interviews, documentaries, and investigations have been conducted without any success.

In Savage Harvest, Hoffman reveals stunning details about Rockefeller’s final days. Hoffman says tribal members from the Otsjanep village murdered Rockefeller. While returning to their village, a group of nearly 50 tribal members saw Rockefeller swimming to shore. After Rockefeller waved to the tribal members, a tribal leader named Pep speared Rockefeller in the ribs. The tribal members captured Rockefeller, then killed him and ate his remains. At least 15 tribal members kept the remains in their homes.

Hoffman also says the Dutch government knew of this incident within weeks of Rockefeller’s disappearance, but didn’t disclose details because they couldn’t confirm the story.

Visit the Daily News website for full details about this strange story.

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