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Author Melissa Ohnoutka On Getting Published

With so much mystique surrounding the publishing industry, it seemed a good idea to do a series of interviews with published authors to help disperse some of the knowledge. To spread the wealth, so to speak!

Melissa Ohnoutka
Melissa Ohnoutka
Melissa Ohnoutka
Stella Riley

One of the loveliest ladies I know, a very talented author, Melissa Ohnoutka has agreed to an interview. Hopefully this will dispel some of the myths and at the same time answer some questions emerging authors have.

How many books have you published?

I have published 3 full length novels and two short story prequels since 2011.

When is the next one due out? Can you share any details?

I’m hoping to have my next suspense out this year. The working title is “Twist of Fate.” But it will probably change before publication.

Short Blurb:

Kate Monroe is running for her life with her deceased sister’s young daughter in tow. Her sister’s drug running boyfriend and murderer is convinced Kate has his missing property, and is determined to do whatever it takes to get it back—including kidnapping her niece. Her only hope lies in trusting a man her sister left behind six years ago. The same man who knew nothing about the baby her sister was carrying at the time. Will the little girl’s father be able to overlook the betrayal? Especially when he learns Kate’s sister is not the only one harboring secrets.

Can you tell us the process of how this happens?

This is the publishing process for me. After typing “The End”, I will let the pages sit for a few weeks and work on something else. Then there will be several read-throughs where I cut, rewrite, and polish until I’m satisfied it is good enough to go to my editor for further edits. During the time I wait for the book to be returned to me, I will work on the cover art, blurbs and marketing. The entire publishing process takes about 4-6 weeks depending on how much work is needed after my editor returns the book.

What’s the most difficult part about getting published?

Since I decided to go the self-publishing route, the hardest part was learning all the formatting, finding a reliable editor and figuring out options for the cover art. Somewhere out there is the secret to finding the perfect balance of writing/publishing/marketing. I just haven’t found it yet.

What’s the one thing you regret about your writing career?

My biggest regret is not discovering my passion sooner.

What are your publishing goals? What do you want from a writing career?

Publishing goals have always been tough for me. The main reason I decided to go it on my own was the fact deadlines are my worst enemy, and I wanted to be more in control of my career. As long as I’m writing and having fun, the process is all worth it, even at those difficult times when life makes it a struggle. But the minute I begin stressing over any aspect of it, I’ll be rethinking my choices.

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