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Authentic vintage beauty by Besame Cosmetics

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Bésame means “kiss me” in Spanish, so it seems fitting that vintage-inspired make-up by Bésame Cosmetics would make you feel so kissable.

Created by cosmetics historian Gabriela Hernandez, Bésame aspires to bring luxury and romance back to the modern woman’s beauty routine. Their products focus on attention to detail, helping you recreate the glamour and sophistication of classic Hollywood.

Bésame’s make-up comes in beautiful red and gold packaging adorned with art-deco flowers. The image of a rosy-cheeked girl on the box of rouge is enough to fill you with nostalgia for the timeless sophistication of '30s and '40s.

Bésame’s products are high quality, if a bit dramatic. The Cherry Red Lipstick especially is heavily concentrated and must be used sparingly. (A thick coat would leave your lips the color of red Kool-Aid.) The Crimson Cream Rouge is too dark to blend into pale cheeks but its satiny consistency and long-lasting color work well on lips.

The Brightening Violet Powder is especially appealing with its light fragrance and subtle violet hue. When used as a finishing powder, it sets make-up and gives skin a slight shimmer.

Bésame is bringing passion and elegance back into the modern woman’s beauty rituals. Take one look at the intricately decorated containers and you can see that each product is made with knowledge and care. It’s true that Bésame is a bit pricy, but their luxurious hand-crafted cosmetics will inspire you to approach your own face as an artist would a blank canvas—ready to be transformed by a brush of vibrant paint.



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