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Authentic Thai dining in Huntsville


If you are looking for an authentic Thai dining experience in the Heart of Dixie, take heart. Huntsville’s Thai Garden restaurant in the historic Five Points district is a must for lovers of well-prepared Asian cuisine, served in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Thai Garden’s spicy food is authentically hot, made with fresh ground chilis instead of powdered spices. The curry dishes, such as the perfect Tom Kha Kai soup, are better than you might expect in the land of barbecue.

For Thai food rookies, the Pad Thai Noodles are a perfect introduction. What most Thai food pros also know is that Pad Thai is a great benchmark for the quality and authenticity of a restaurant. Whether new to Thai cooking or an old fan, you will find the Thai Garden’s Pad Thai dish – made to order, and served in a large portion – a savory and ultimately satisfying meal.

Thai Garden is kid-friendly, but the restaurant is artistic and subdued - perfect for date night. Imported Singha Thai beer is available alongside domestics and a small selection of wines. Also available are traditional beverages including Thai and Jasmine teas.

Deserts here are very good. Mango Sweet Rice or Lychee in syrup, among others, are stars on the menu. If you have never tried it, put Mango Sweet Rice in your bucket list.

The weekend is here – check out Thai Garden.

Entrée Prices: Lunch - $7.95; Dinner - $8.95 to $11.95


Address: 800 Wellman Ave NE, Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (256) 534-0122


  • Daniel Price 5 years ago

    A note about the Star Rating: does not enable half-star ratings; if they did I would have voted Thai Garden a 3.5. This is a truly enjoyable restaurant with a friendly staff, great food, and a nice atmosphere. My sincere gratitude to the Thai Garden staff for a lovely meal.

    Going forward, 3 Stars will be the benchmark for good food at a good value in a nice atmosphere. More stars will denote the top regional restaurants.

    - Cheers!

  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    It will be interesting to see what merits a 4 star rating in comparison, although 3 seems about right for Thai Garden. Thai Garden's spring rolls are quite good, although their soups tend to be too salty for my taste. How do our other local Thai establishments rate?

  • Daniel 5 years ago

    Great point - I definitely will follow-up with reviews of the other local Thai restaurants. I have eaten at Surin in Madison, and also Phuket in the Providence area of Huntsville. Phuket's food is good, and the atmosphere has a little more polish, but I'm not sure that either would trump Thai Garden. Authenticity is Thai Garden's edge. I have not eaten at Charm Thai on Hwy 72 next to the Sports-Bar-Formerly-Known-As-Indigo-Joe's, but I've heard mixed opinions. Let me think this through, and I'll publish my thoughts. - -Thanks for your feedback!

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