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Authentic Power

Authentic Personal Power
Authentic Personal Power
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What is authentic power?

When someone says to you, “Get back into your own power,” do you know what that means? 

When you are in your own authentic power you are centered and grounded in yourself; you are in alignment with who you are, and you feel strong, clear, loving, centered, free and joyful. When you are in your own authentic power you feel powerful at your core. Being in your own power allows you to feel the love that is the essence of who you are. 

Most people don't realize that they give their power away to situations and other people on a regular basis. When you worry about a person or a situation, you are giving your power away. Likewise, when you speak or think in a negative way about a person or a situation, you give your power away. Many of us give our power away almost constantly without even being aware of what we are doing. We give our power away by over-thinking about a person or a situation, especially when we have strong emotions attached to our thinking. Many of us are inclined to give our power away in this fashion when we think about our jobs or our money. We also give our power away by worrying about or speculating in negative ways about our friends and families, our spouses, men, women, the past, and the future. 

The first step in claiming your power back is to be aware of your thoughts, your words and your feelings. Once you have noticed that you are thinking or speaking in ways that diminish your power, look to see how you are feeling. If you see that you have given your power away, stop and reclaim your power immediately. If you are feeling afraid, for instance, you have almost certainly given your power away to something or someone. Ask yourself what or who that is, and reclaim your power from that person or thing. You will know you have successfully reclaimed your power if you feel happy, joyous, loving, clear, grounded, and free. 

Here is an affirmation that can help you reclaim your power: I take my power back from every person and situation to which I have given it, whether in the past or the present. I reclaim my own authentic power now!


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