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Embassy exhibits serigraphs and drawings by Austrian-born visual artist, harpist

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Washington, D.C. --- Set Back is a new art exhibition on display for a short time at the Embassy of Austria that highlights the works of Salzburg-born artist and musician, Martina Stock.

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Stock says she wants visitors to know that her favorite techniques are large-format serigraphs on canvas and drawings that hold an emotional game of lines as a recognition value. “My intention,” she says, “is to touch the viewer with my works and offer freedom for individual interpretation. The spontaneous, the intuitive, the overlays as well as the experimental approach have clear priority.”

Stock contrasts and confronts through various techniques two universal conditions: smoothness and clarity. She allows emotion and structure to correspond and present moments.

Robert Kotasek, an art historian and curator in Vienna, says Stock uses diagonals in her serigraphs to construct spaces; a perspective with a vanishing point. The diagonals describe a rhythmical motion through these spaces and through another dimension. The lines, forms, geometrical planes, utopian spaces and dimensions overlap each other and evoke the free fall, he points out.

The distinctly outlined monochrome objects and constructions, Kotasek observes, appear to hide in clouds and in her other works; she experiments with duplication, reflection, distortion and projection in whole room installations. The artworks draw the observer close and enable viewers to each create their own interpretation.

The drawings are all done with pen. The clean ink contours intersect and contract with the pristine white background. Kotasek describes the unique interplay of lines revealing hidden meanings by closer inspection which is a substantial feature of her works. The metaphysical drawings tell stories of attraction and rejection in a slightly erotic mood, he adds.

Coming from one of Europe’s most famous music centers, Stock is also a harpist, often combining music with the visual arts in the creation of her work. In 2010, together with the Hang-musician Christian Schratt, she co-founded the musical formation CIFERENCE-SYMPHONY, Harp & Hang.

These two artistic forms, she says, influence and inspire each other and are the center of her life. “The viewer shall be enchained and allow his own tales to tell themselves in order to find himself again,” she states. “My life is my inspiration and influence...” she adds.

The exhibition remains on display through April 18, 2014, at the Embassy of Austria, 3524 International Court NW. Please see the Austrian Cultural Forum website for details and Martina Stock's website for samples of her work.


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