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Australian singer Orianthi busts onto the music scene with a killer album!

Orianthi's Beleive
Orianthi's Beleive
Geffen Records

I love some of the music that is coming out lately. I love how many of the pop artists have incorporated a bit of rock in their sound. Recently, I bought a new record from singer and guitarist Orianthi. And this chick is amazing! This Australian singer got quite a bit of attention a few months ago when the premiere of Michael Jackson’s documentary This is it! was in theaters. Orianthi played guitar for Michael’s band and showed off her talent. But her new album, her 2nd, which was produced by Howard Benson (Daughtry, P.O.D.) also allows her to shine both musically and vocally.

I actually discovered this artist through a weekly iTunes Discovery Download. I was completely blown away by her killer vocals. The entire record is very good and well-produced in my amateur opinion. The lead-off single “According to You” is practically tailor-made for pop radio. It’s a rocking chick anthem. Something I love about the entire album is the recurring theme of girl power anthems. Orianthi definitely has a Kelly Clarkson-esque vibe but with more of a focus on guitar riffs and more interesting arrangements. She even has a guitar-driven instrumental track “Highly Strung” which is unheard in today’s music industry. It is four minutes of great guitar instrumentation. I could help but think of Van Halen’s “Eruption.” Another great chick anthem is “Think Like A Man” which has a great role-reversal feel to it and I think most females when definitely dig this track.

This record also has a nice mix with a few ballads thrown in for good measure. I especially love the track “Feels Like Home” It makes you think of southern California. Since Orianthi is from Australia, it is clear where the inspiration comes from. It is great when artists can give you some great songs but also can connect emotionally with the songs and take you on an emotional journey.

Orianthi has been doing a lot of radio promo for the new record but her new single still has not been embraced by Top 40 radio.  It is currently #55 on Billboard's Hot 100 but was #2 on the Heatseekers chart.  So call your local stations and request her and check out the latest in appearance and shows on her official website.