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Australian police kill crocodile that ate a 62-year-old man yesterday

The Guardian has reported that Australian police officers have killed two crocodiles today while searching for a missing a 62-year-old man. During a family outing in Kakadu National Park, a crocodile attacked an unnamed man and carried him away. His wife, son and daughter-in-law were present when the attack occurred.

Australian police kill the crocodile that ate a 62-year-old man on Saturday.
NT News Facebook page

Authorities cut open the dead crocodiles and found the missing man’s remains inside one of the crocodiles. The son helped in the search for his missing father. Unfortunately, the unidentified man is one of many recent alligator attacks. Australian saltwater crocodiles are a common predator. They are carnivorous, have many teeth and are as deadly as their reputation. The crocodile is a stealthy hunter. They hide in the water and kill unsuspecting prey. They usually feast on animals, but they will attack humans.

NT news provided more information about other attacks:

January 26, 2014: A crocodile killed a 12-year-old boy. Authorities found the boy’s remains.

August 24, 2013: A crocodile killed a swimmer near the Mary River Wilderness Retreat.

December 1, 2012: A crocodile killed a 9-year-old boy while he swam with friends at Port Bradshaw.

November 16, 2012: A crocodile killed a 7-year-old girl who was swimming in a waterhole at Gumarrirnbang outstation.

The Outback Australian Travel Guide website offers tips on avoiding getting eaten by a saltwater crocodile on your next visit to Australia:

  • Always observe crocodile warning signs.
  • Ask locals or a tour guide before swimming in water you assume is safe.
  • Stay away from the water’s edge.
  • Don’t stand on logs or turn your back to the water. Alligators can jump!
  • Don’t clean your fish near the water.
  • Don’t leave food scraps at your campsite.
  • Don’t feed, harass or provoke a crocodile.
  • Avoid places where animals drink because crocodiles prey on these animals.
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