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Australian Munitions launch a new range of premium ammunition

Australian Munitions is launching a new range of ‘Australian Outback’ premium hunting and match ammunition, now being imported into the US by DKG Trading, Inc. Located in southern Illinois, DKG Trading has a long-standing, excellent reputation for scouring the world for quality product that is of interest to the American shooter. They are currently importing metallic munitions, shotshells, and various accessories.
Australian Outback ammunition combines premium US-manufactured hunting and match bullets with world-renowned ADI propellant manufactured at the company’s explosives plant in Mulwala, NSW. Cartridge cases are manufactured at the Australian Munitions facility in Benalla, Victoria, where cartridge assembly and packing is also completed.

Australian Outback ammo
Australian Munitions
Australian Outback ammo
Australian Munitions

The standout feature of Australian Outback ammunition is Ballistic Temperature Independence, which delivers accuracy and consistency across a wide range of temperatures. From -20º to 120º F., point of impact of the bullet will vary little. This is an astounding solution to a problem that has plagued cartridge manufacture since the inception of pre-loaded ammunition. It is one of Australian Munitions’ most closely guarded manufacturing secrets and, coupled with newly developed high-energy propellants, is the key to achieving ‘Extreme Performance – Whatever the Weather’.

The Australian Outback range comprises:
• .308 WIN – 150gr Swift Scirocco II BTS
• .308 WIN – 165gr Sierra SBT GameKing
• .308 WIN – 168gr Sierra HPBT MatchKing
• .223 REM – 69gr Sierra HPBT MatchKing
• .223 REM – 55gr Sierra BlitzKing

The new ammunition is currently being made available to retailers. Already known for the quality of their ADI propellants, as a major supplier to Australian and other Australasian governments, Australian Outback now gives sporting shooters who aren’t reloaders the chance to experience the significant performance consistency of their BTI technology.
Building on the success of 25 years of propellant exports to the US, Australian Munitions recently received its first order for several million rounds of Australian Outback ammunition from a large US distributor. Further commitments for large quantities of the ammunition have also been made, to be delivered to the US market later this year.

For additional information about this new, exciting line of Australian Outback Ammunition, please visit or

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