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Australian man's leg trapped by train is freed by amazing crowd (VIDEO)

An Australian man’s leg was trapped in a gap between a train and the train’s platform on Wednesday. The incident occurred at a Perth, Australia, train station. His leg was freed thanks to dozens of strangers who assisted. The train, which is 28 tons in weight, was actually moved by the strangers, according to an ABC report on Thursday.

Australian train riders tilt train to free man trapped by train
YouTube screenshot

Following the incident, when the man saw the incident on the news, he said he was amazed at how many people assisted with his escape from the train mishap. He said his left leg missed the train and fell down the platform, right down past his knee and up to his thigh. The man – Andy, who refused to give his last name to media – said that he just got caught up in the rush when he was getting on the train, and he stepped through the gap instead of on to the train.

At first, the public transit workers tried to get his leg out but they couldn’t free his leg. After about ten minutes, authorities asked people to get off the train to make it lighter. They were also asked to push the train to see if that would assist in getting the man's leg freed - and it worked. A crowd of people began to push against the train. At first, it didn't work, but when many more people joined it, the mission was a success. Quite incredibly, in spite of the weight of the train, the crowd was able to tilt the train just enough to pull the man’s leg – and the man – out of the gap between the platform and the train.

As one could imagine in such a crowd in these times, someone was lurking around with a camera. The incident was caught on camera. The video was posted online so everyone can see the odd incident. Of the most interested viewers of the video is Andy, the man who stars in the video as the person with the trapped leg.

He said he didn’t realize how many people were witnessing this situation until he saw the footage later on the news. He asserted, “I was amazed. I had no idea it was that big of an incident, that it took that many people to free me,” according to MSN. The man was reportedly embarrassed about the incident but not hurt.

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