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Australian locals angered by opening of a topless barbershop

Other than the opening of a strip club, Australian citizens of Toowoomba have another reason to be angry: a topless barbershop. The Courier news reports that citizens of Toowoomba became angry after the opening of a strip club called The Vault. Although locals opposed the strip club, the courts rejected an appeal against the decision to open the strip club. Locals think the added topless barbershop only added insult to injury.

Bree Francis, a topless stylist enjoys success at The Vault on Ruthven.
The Courier website

Not everyone in Toowoomba disagreed with the court’s decision. Stylist and stripper Bree Francis says she had a male customer pay for three haircuts, and gave her a $120 tip just to look at her breasts.

Paul Galligan, a local church official, had expressed his anger about the latest adult entertainment additions to his community. He said the area has become a red-light district:

“We are seeing drunkenness in the street, foul language and threatening behavior. It’s frightening.’’

Galligan also adds that locals weren’t allowed to use morality as grounds in their argument. Locals are considering petitioning the Supreme Court for a petition to close the strip club.

Read more about this controversial story at the Courier website.

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