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Australian Joan of Shark sightings close down beaches

A great white shark off the coast of Australia is causing concern for swimmers.
A great white shark off the coast of Australia is causing concern for swimmers.
Sharkdiver/Wikimedia Commons

Australian beach goers are fearing Joan of Shark. No, this is not a new species of shark. That is the nickname given to a monster sized great white shark though, and the shark has come dangerously close to beaches on the southwestern coast of Australia recently. The sighting caused the beaches to be closed. Swimmers were forced out of the water. On April 16, The Inquisitr reported on the latest sighting.

How did people know that this killer shark was so close to the Australian shore line? The shark is tagged, and its location was revealed via sateillite. As soon as the beaches were closed, researches went out to find the large great white shark by boat. They were able to find the shark too, and they captured it in a frightening photo, which can you view via the link.

How is big this this shark? It is a 16 feet long creature, and it weighs 1.6 tons. No, this is not Jaws, but it is still very much a giant creature that can seriously hurt someone if they are not able to get away from the shark in time. This female shark was first spotted in the waters off Australia on March 30, and she has been spotted several times since then. It was after the first sighting that she was fitted with the electronic tag.

Researchers in the area are definitely keeping a close eye on this shark, and they are protecting those that live and play at the ocean beaches in the area. What do you think of this large shark? Would you want to swim in the ocean knowing a creature of this size is out there?