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Australian father and son save woman from pit bull attack with six-pack of beer

The two heros said the incident was scary, but they're glad they got the dog loose.
Jacob and Justin Innes

Jacob and Justin Innes of Sydney, Australia are being hailed as heroes following a brutal attack by a pit bull. The dog was attacking an elderly woman outside her daughters residence when the two ran to help, armed only with the beer they carried.

The father and son pair spoke in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

"We thought the screaming was a fight or something so we did a light jog around the corner and there was a dog basically chewing a lady's face off. I've never seen so much blood," Justin Innes said.

"I gave my son the six-pack I was carrying and told him to stay back but the dog was going crazy. I was hitting it but I had nothing, so I told my son to give me a beer and I hit it with that.

The dog belonged to the older woman's daughter. It's unclear why the dog lashed out as she returned from church services on Good Friday.

The daughter was the first to try and help the victim. She suffered serious injuries to her hands as she tried to pull her dog, Caesar, off her mother.

When the Innes duo arrived and jumped in, the dog eventually turned on them to. Justin Innes suffered a large bite to his inner thigh but he and Jacob wrestled with the dog until they could shut it inside the house.

Neighbor Dianne McCallum said the whole incident could have been more catastrophic if it was not for the actions of the father and son.

"It was pretty horrible, there was blood all over the place," Mrs McCallum said. "The two men that were walking past deserve a medal. They just went to the aid of somebody they didn't know."

Thankfully, everyone involved survived and are recovering from their injuries. The Innes family has had sense of humor about the incident, laughing that they need to replace the beer.

The dog has been taken to the animal shelter and will be humanely euthanized.

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