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Australian desert blooms in Raw Spirit Desert Blush

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Gloaming. L’heure bleue. That mystical period between daylight and darkness. What photographers call the sweet light has long captured the imaginations of the world’s artists and romantics. Belgian artist Jan Fabre has focused much of his oeuvre on the concept of this most evanescent interval.

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Inspired by the desert sunset in western Australia, Raw Spirit Desert Blush evokes the hour when the desert blushes pink and scarlet. In those final minutes before darkness, the desert air is filled with a sweet and dry fragrance of baked earth and floral blooms, including the boronia flower.

An evergreen shrub notable for its fragrant flowers in a spectrum from pale pink to fuchsia, boronia is found throughout Australia. Raw Spirit Desert Blush features a hint of the Australian boronia in combo with a floral bouquet of ylang ylang, osmanthus, violets, and jasmine petals.

Yet there’s nothing overly floral about Raw Spirit Desert Blush, which is grounded by a warm woody base of cedar, musk, and wild harvested Australian sandalwood. Imagine a fragrant fire redolent of spices to warm the cool desert night. A unisex fragrance, Raw Spirit Desert Blush honors the notion that the indigenous peoples of Australia note a person’s spirit and essence – before gender.

A product of the Nomad Two Worlds company, Raw Spirit Desert Blush was created in collaboration with master perfumer Harry Fremont and Firmenich in fulfillment of a commitment both companies made to the Clinton Global Initiative.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Raw Spirit Desert Blush is utilized to support sustainable indigenous agricultural projects in collaboration with Essential Oils of Tasmania.

Packaged in a rose mauve presentation box, Raw Spirit Desert Blush is offered in an eau de parfum rollerball that makes it perfect for travel.