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Australian authorities not amused by teens' use of sex dolls as rafts

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With Australia battling flooding across four of its states, emergency officials have their hands full providing relief and rescuing those affected by the disaster. The decision by a young couple to test the floodwaters with inflatable sex dolls and then needing rescuing was not met with amusement by authorities.

The 19-year-old couple chose to enter the waters of the Yarra River near Melbourne with inflatable sex dolls to aid them in their swim. The rushing waters apparently were too much for the pair – and the dolls – and they soon found themselves in danger.

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The young lady held onto a tree while her companion and his doll stood watch and began yelling for help. A passerby called police and rescue units retrieved the couple from the river.

According to The Telegraph, officials told the couple that sex dolls were “not a recognized flotation device." Authorities were not pleased to have had to divert resources for a rescue that should not have been necessary.

Flooding in Australia has become a disaster of gargantuan proportions as hundreds of thousands of acres across four states have been flooded. More than 30 people have been killed and tens of thousands of people are now homeless.

Heavy rains in Queensland flooded Rockhampton along the nation’s northeast coast and then moved inland to the state’s capital of Brisbane. New flooding in Victoria and Tasmania continues but officials hope that waters will soon crest.

View the photos of the rescue over at the Herald Sun.

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