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Australia's The Necks @ Empty Bottle Tonight

The Necks
The Necks

In most sectors of American life, the popularity of jazz-influenced music seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird. Lucky for us, a trio of Australians are keeping it alive. The Necks are known for extending deep, elastic grooves into the stratosphere, somehow conjuring up a mesmerizing galaxy of sound with only three members.  

Don't be confused - this is not the academic brand of jazz that leaves you scratching your head. The Necks seamlessly blend avant-garde tangents with gorgeous streams of melody, channeling Miles Davis alongside In Rainbows-era Radiohead. Fans of local heroes Tortoise will not be disappointed, and for jazz lovers it's an absolute no-brainer. 

The Necks appear tonight at The Empty Bottle as part of their first ever North American tour. Tickets for either the 7 PM show or the 10 PM show are $15 and can be purchased here