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Austin woman performs do it yourself c-section on pet Yorkie

A Yorkie similar to the one shown in this photo survived a c-section done without anesthesia, and her owner was arrested and charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Another dog has had a "do-it-yourself" c-section, and her owner has been charged in connection with the incident, according to an article published today at Ana Berta Ayala-Morales has been charged with a felony, "cruelty to a non-livestock animal", according to the article.

According to the article, Ayala-Morales took her Yorkie to an animal emergency clinic because the dog, Precious, was having trouble having puppies. When she couldn't afford the $2,000 fee for the surgery, she took the dog home.

The article states that Ayala-Morales, took matters into her own hands, without using any anesthesia or pain medications:

“used a paint utility knife-type blade and performed the surgery on Precious herself”

She apparently then "stitched up" the incision. The ten-pound Yorkie, who is approximately two years old, survived, as did five of the six puppies.

The next day, however, Precious wasn't doing well so Ayala-Morales took her to the Austin Humane Society, which sent the dog to the Austin Animal Center for surgery to repair the injuries.

Just two weeks ago, a Tampa woman was charged in connection with a "do-it-yourself" c-section on a dog. That dog did not survive.

In case it isn't already very clear, performing surgical procedures such as c-sections on your pets at home is almost always a very bad idea, and may very well lead to criminal charges. Beyond that, it is cruel to perform surgery on an animal without anesthesia. If you're not a licensed vet, please take your pet to a veterinarian for assistance. If you can't afford a vet, call your local humane society or animal control for advice on how to get your pet treated. Do not let your pet suffer; please get help for it.

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