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Austin's Quiet Company gives you "Songs For Staying In"


Quiet Company- "Songs for Staying In"

The Austin music scene is a treasure box full of gems that are found everywhere you look. One of those gems is hometown band Quiet Company. Quiet Company has released an EP this year entitled "Songs For Staying In", which has proven why this band is a solid discovery, and one everyone needs to find. Here's a look at what Austin Music Examiner has to say about this EP:

"Songs for Staying In" is a six piece mastercraft that showcases the best of Austin independant music with a classic indie sound. This EP is an easy, listening piece of art that you can listen to while working around the house, or take it with you to keep the road rage down in the infamous horrible Austin traffic on I-35. Truely a work of art, Quiet Company uses a wide range of instruments to carefully construct each song, and top them with frontman Taylor Muse's impecable vocals. Without having seen the band live, the EP gives a sense of translating well live, a sign of a great band.

Quiet Company will be playing their hometown EP release tomorrow night (Friday, May 7th) at Encore with The Rocketboys and The Black and White Years. Doors are at 8 pm, and show starts at 9 pm. It is highly recommended you see Quiet Company live.

To stay up to date on Quiet Company follow the band on twitter, facebook, and find out how, when, and where you can get a copy of "Songs for staying in on the band's myspace.

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