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Austin's own up and coming, Ian Lee


San Marcos native Ian Lee

Not far outside the city of Austin lies the popular college town of San Marcos, Texas. Home to Texas State University, there is no shortage of young up and coming musicians in San Marcos, whether a student at TSU or not. Included in that population is 20 year old Ian Lee.

AME readers may remember Ian Lee as the upcoming artist pick of 2009, and Ian continues to prove why he earned that title for himself. Austin Music Examiner first discovered Ian Lee in 2008, but what was seen was someone who pushed their vocals way to hard and was having trouble with voice control. In the year and a half following Lee, the change seen has been astounding. A characteristic generally seen in a good up and coming artist is how quickly they progress and grow in their talent as time goes on. Ian is a shining personification of that characteristic. Always striving to be better and pushing his limits, Ian Lee is and will be one to watch for many years to come.

Ian is working in the studio to bring you a debut EP, and will have a way for his fans to follow him and stay up to date with everything he is working on. If you would like to find out when he is playing near you visit his facebook.

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