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Austin's future blues kings: The Peterson Brothers

The Peterson Brothers playing at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas
The Peterson Brothers playing at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas
Jenny Gooder

The Continental Club is one of the historic music clubs in Austin. Opened in 1957 on the now tourist popular Congress Avenue, the Continental has hosted Austinites Stevie Ray Vaughn among other local and touring bands.

Every Monday, the resident house band, the Peterson Brothers, takes the stage. The Peterson Brothers are really brothers, only 15(Alex; bass, vocals) and 17(Glenn Jr.; guitar, lead vocals). Despite the young ages of the brothers, they are better than approximately 92.3% of blues musicians in the Austin area, not like the hacks you sometimes see on 6th street playing for the tourists.

They are able to feel the blues like they grew up in the era of Muddy Waters. Alex is one of the best bass players I've seen, and his interaction with his blues brother Glenn Jr. and their wordless communication onstage is incredible. They are able to reference old riffs in their songs, like the Peter Gunn theme from the '60s, and play around with them and improvise to make something entirely new.

Blues does have a fairly set structure, and what sets apart a great blues band is being able to improvise. Taking pauses in songs and setting up tension was another way the Peterson Brothers kept their set interesting. The only thing I was hoping for were more vocals, because they both have good voices.

The shows on Mondays at 6:30 are still free, but a donation is almost mandatory. Their Dad brings around the tip bucket, and you should put something in. You don't know how long you'll be able to see them for free.