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Austin's Best - Audi service and repair



  • Ryan 6 years ago

    I've used all of these options over my 10 years of Audi ownership. The Texas Audi Group is really strong these days and I've been fortunate to find some good guys to mentor me through some of the regular maintenance stuff and a few mods. But when there is a tough task I need serious help with, I always take it to Roger Beasley and ask for Ken Fluhr to work on my car. Ken is the most thorough mechanic I've met and he gets the job done right.

  • Shawn 6 years ago

    Great write up Jimmy, I have used all of the recommended methods and must give both NorthWest Imports and Ken at Roger Beasley Audi high marks for their service. If Quality/Price=Value then both those places score really high on Value!!!...

  • David 6 years ago

    I've used all three,
    I've got to say RB while under warrantee did a great job.
    Dave with NWImports has been a great resource for me over the years and I would recommend his shop hands down!
    My garage is good for me but it seems I'm always buying new tools, a lift, I need a welder :)

  • DubAudi 6 years ago

    RB Audi is flat out awful. We drive out of our way to have the vehicle serviced by another Audi dealer in San Antonio due to the lack of customer service and communication that RB lacks. They have numerous times over-charged or performed services without calling first to let us the customer(s) know there is an additional charge that is not covered by the warranty. They have on numerous occasions left stains on the leather seats due to the technician not being careful before entering and exiting the vehicle and what's worse is the service manager argued that the stains were already there. Not until a call to Audi of North America was that resolved and the service manager was reprimanded. RB Audi is flat out AWFUL

  • K Johnston 5 years ago

    I'd do the work in my own garage, but I just don't have the expertise, time, or desire to do it myself. I've been living in Austin for a couple years now and the best service that I've received has come from Leonard's Garage ( They're a full-service shop and have treated me with respect and I've been able to trust their repairs to a number of our cars.

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