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Austin Paranormal Group investigates Aquarena Center in San Marcos


The Aquarena Center in San Marcos is best known for its glass bottom boat tours. People drive from miles around to view the rich ecology through the sheer floor of the river boat. But some say there is more to Aquarena Center than the wildlife that inhabits the Texas State University owned preserve.

Claims of ghostly apparitions, strange noises, and feelings of being watched are what prompted Austin Paranormal Group (APG) founder, Amanda Foster, to contact Aquarena Center for an opportunity to conduct an investigation. In July of 2009, APG arrived at Aquarena with high-tech equipment hoping to validate some of the claims. After seven hours of investigation, APG departed with several hours of audio, video, and photographic evidence to review.  What APG found was startling. Several audio clips revealed strange voices that were not heard during the investigation including strange laughing and voices which appeared to respond to certain questions that were asked by investigators. Some of the evidence captured during the investigation can be viewed HERE

On Saturday, September 19, 2009, APG is returning for a follow-up investigation. APG is anxious to find out whether they can capture similar evidence thus bolstering the claims that Aquarena may be haunted by previous inhabitants.

Aquarena Center was first established by Paul Rogers, in 1946, by launching the first glass bottom boat. The glass bottom boats were followed, in 1951, by the first submarine underwater theater. in 1969, "Ralph", the famous swimming pig took his first swine dive. Aquarena Center was purchased by Texas State University in 1994. Today, Aquarena is a beautifully designed ecological preserve for Texas wildlife, including a few endangered species. 

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  • Jacob Harrison, Church Activism Examiner 5 years ago

    Interesting! Have you considered a story on the so-called "Marfa lights" in West Texas? I was just reading up on the phenomena, which I hadn't heard of before, but apparently, Texans have seen those lights for years, some say as far back as the 1800s...