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Austin loves bikers and babies


Motorcycles parked in front of the Texas state capitol. Photo: Alexander Thompson

     This past weekend many of you may have found yourself wondering the following: why the heck is traffic so bad, regardless of when I’m on the road?! Answer: ROT Rally 2010.

     The Republic of Texas Biker Rally is an annual tradition that invites motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life to don the leather, cruise in to downtown Austin, and scare the pink off of our summering frat boys—well worth the extra twenty minutes of sitting traffic.

     Over the years, the ROT Rally has grown and evolved into quite a spectacle. Last year’s biker attendance was over 200,000, a record-setting year according to the City of Austin Visitor’s Bureau. In the past, the Rally has even gotten attention from the Guinness Book of World Records for executing one of the longest biker parades in the country. Speaking of which, our beloved governor, Rick Perry, lead the 13th annual rally parade a few years ago with Texas Custom Choppers, and he wore a helmet to serve as a positive role model—although, he would have been fine without it, as it’s no secret that he uses more hairspray than Dolly Parton.

     Now, for those of you that barricaded yourselves in your homes for the weekend to avoid the big, scary bikers, here’s a peek at their soft side: The Bikers for Babies Ride. That’s right, the Republic of Texas Biker Rally teamed up with the March of Dimes to raise money for the cute, little babies in need. Sounds like a match made in a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert: medicine and custom ink for all ailing infants! So, next time you stop at an intersection next to Deathrow Dan and his rumblin’ Harley, remember to give him a nice little wave to say thanks. Besides, it’s a great way to disguise the fact that you just reached over to lock the doors, too.

     For more information on how to participate in the future events of the Republic of Texas Biker Rally, or to set up your very own biker profile and meet the other members of your tribe, visit their official web site. At the very least, you can find out the dates for the next one so you can stock up on another weekend’s worth of bottled water and Doritos.


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