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Austin Hatch: Two-time plane crash survivor makes basketball comeback

Surviving two plane crashes while almost all of your family ends up dead is something that would be enough to make anyone look badly at life. That can't be said for Austin Hatch. ESPN reported on Jan. 9, 2014, that the young man who has had one of the hardest lives imaginable is still living his life to the fullest and made a basketball comeback of epic proportions.

Austin Hatch has had a hard life, but he has made of it what he could.
USA Today

Hatch is just 19-years-old and is on the basketball team at Loyola High in Los Angeles, CA. He has lived enough for 10 lifetimes though.

Back in 2003, Austin Hatch survived a plane crash that took the lives of his mother, 11-year-old sister, and five-year-old brother. His father was driving the plane, but also managed to survive.

In June 2011, the unthinkable happened as Hatch was in yet another plane crash. His father was also piloting this plane, but he was not as fortunate as the younger Hatch. Austin Hatch's father and stepmother died in that plane crash.

That second plane crash put Hatch in a medically induced coma for close to two months.

Just before that second crash, Hatch had committed to play basketball at the University of Michigan. The school says the offer is still extended to Austin Hatch even if he can't play at the level needed for collegiate competition.

Hatch now lives with his uncle's family and has signed a letter of intent to go to Michigan and play basketball.

Back in Oct. of 2013, Hatch was at the point he could practice, but not yet play in a game. Earlier this week, Hatch made his return to the court and it was one of the greatest moments in all of sports. Austin Hatch stepped outside and nailed his first shot that he took in the fourth quarter.

Fans, teammates, coaches, and the entire arena went crazy as everyone charged the floor to celebrate. Austin's team received a technical foul, but it was of no matter.

"It was the best technical foul I've ever been a part of," Loyola coach Jamal Adams told the newspaper after the 87-59 victory.

"He hit a 3, and our bench erupted," Adams added. "It was unbelievable what that kid has gone through and how hard he's worked. That kid has taught me you can come back from anything, that nothing is impossible. It was a spiritual moment."

Everyone only wants the best for Austin Hatch who has had to suffer the worst. You wouldn't know it by looking at him though, but you would know that he has all the strength and heart to get through anything.

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