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Austin Dennison, Ohio teen, teaches the value of respect

Thats all it takes
Thats all it takes

Prom has sometimes become a advertisement for the most expensive, revealing attire, possible drunkenness after as well as the beginnings of some pregnancy's and sexually transmitted diseases. And they talk after about what happened on prom night. Sorry to be so cynical; not all that attend the prom are turning an evening of elegance and decorum into poor alternatives.

Certainly, not for Austin Dennison (Video at Fox) who took his great grandmother to his prom. Who bought her a string of pearls, who danced with her to a special song, How I love the kisses of Delores; a memorable song that Grandpa Ed had sang to his beautiful bride. Austin then took her to dinner at Bob Evans, her favorite place.

One of the comments Delores said is that they certainly don’t wear the same dresses like in the 1930’s. No, Delores they certainly don’t.....too visible today..... and young men like Austin are not visible enough.

Austin is extremely handsome and an Eagle Scout,…he really is... as well as a successful high school student. Why? Because Austin has not lost respect. In fact, not only has he not lost it, he seems to exemplify it as a way of life, in how he conducts himself through his daily activities as well as admiring the beauty of his great grandmother.

Ultimately, what it always comes down to is respecting yourself; that is what Austin has accomplished. The value of self respect has been taken for granted too long. Many of us have given up on respecting our dignity because of hostile settings, scenarios, media appeal that tell us to make other choices; being pushed by low levels of attitudes, emotions and beliefs. That is not the way...a short form of gratification and a prescription for future disaster.

Respecting you, your accomplishments and your commitment to value others; that is always synonymous with success. Austin has just added something to his resume that regardless of the career field he will choose, he will be remembered for his kindness and sincerity. In fact, many employers have added Austin to their list of new hires; he is got the video to prove it.