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Austin Aussie Rescue

Aussie Shepherd named Hailey
Aussie Shepherd named Hailey
Elissa Chott

Australian Shepherds are incredibly loyal and intelligent dogs. Contrary to what their name suggests, they are an American breed. Also known simply as 'Aussies', they are popular in dog shows because of their herding skills and steady gaits. Varying in colors from tri-color (black, white, and tan), to blue or red merle, their coats are incredibly thick. Due to the common black body and white collar, they are often confused with Border Collies, although Aussies usually have their tails docked during the early weeks of puppyhood.

Australian Shepherds are extremely well-tempered and have a nice go-with-the-flow attitude. They are very social dogs, loving attention and giving affection as much as they receive it. Aussies learn quickly and are eager to please. Their instinct to herd is strong, and with training, they can become good assistants on a farm or ranch.

However lovable they may be, not all Aussies are lucky enough to find permanent homes. Austin Aussie Rescue is dedicated to fostering and finding new homes for Australian Shepherds (webpage: They offer adoption services to find permanent homes for their Aussies and are in constant need of foster homes. The rescue center also accepts donations via Paypal to help offset medical expenses for the dogs.

Austin Aussie Rescue states that as of January, they can no longer accept new dogs to care for due to a lack of space availability. They are now making referrals for those dogs that are in need of homes, leaving the placement to the owner or caregiver and potential adoptive parents.

On March 18, an urgent referral was made for an Australian Shepherd/Hound mix named Shortstop who was left at a local clinic to be put to sleep. He is in desperate need of a foster home while a permanent home is located. To help Shortstop, visit his referral page at He is neutered and fully vaccinated, and is currently on heartworm prevention.