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Austin Aries not at IMPACT tapings, Concerns growing over TNA creative direction

Austin Aries not booked at IMPACT tapings, Concerns growing over creative direction
Austin Aries not booked at IMPACT tapings, Concerns growing over creative direction
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It appears that Christopher Daniels and Kazarian weren't the only notable TNA stars to be left off of the IMPACT television tapings this weekend. According to a March 16 report by, Austin Aries was also not at the tapings; which means that Aries will be absent from IMPACT television episodes for the next 4 weeks. Speculations are that TNA's creative department wanted to shine the spotlight on other wrestlers like the returning Angelina Love, Kenny King and the new additions of Sanada, Brittany and Tigre Uno.

Austin Aries was last seen at the TNA LockDown PPV on Sunday, March 9. He was a member of Team Dixie in the Lethal Lockdown match. Unfortunately, Aries and his teammates lost the match due to Bully Ray's interference. Prior to the PPV, Aries was an integral part in the previous two weeks of IMPACT television.

The other members of Team Dixie, Robert Rood and The BroMans, were at the tapings and appear to have roles in each IMPACT episode over the next three weeks.

Austin Aries is widely considered to be the most talented wrestler on the TNA roster. He's also one of the most decorated wrestlers in the company as he's held every major title. Loyal readers of this column have expressed a great deal of concern over TNA's creative direction. Additionally, critics are blasting TNA for having too many promos and poor storylines like: Anderson vs. Shaw, the entire last few months of Dixie Carter and Jeff Hardy returning as Willow.

For a company that seems to be going through some tough times creatively and financially, one would have to question why TNA would keep their top talent off of the IMPACT tapings.