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Austin: A Thursday Night at Nuno's!


  Photp: Blues Society

"It's like a bug ,that grabs hold of you, everybody gets the blues," this is what lead singer of the JT Coldfire band expressed this past Thursday night at Nuno's bar off sixth st. When I asked about his goal for each show he commented, " I want to leave the whole audience feeling satisfied!"

He began playing guitar at six pulling his influence from musicians that have an original sound. From many of the greats including Bob Dylan, BB King, Santana, Elvis, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles to Johann Sebastian Bach, he tries to ressurrect a similar vibe throughout his songs. He also said, "At times the music industry can be tough, being a father and musician however, it also has its rewards." Now 29, this artist finds himself exactly where he needs to be, saying that it picked him rather than him choosing the blues.

The band is comprised of mainly native texans including JT Coldfire(vocals/guitar)  Rob 'Chicken/Spills" Fulton(bass), Mad Max Muckleroy on drums and Rolando "Woe" Guajardo on the blues harmonica. Robbie "Spills", is originally from Ohio, he met the band when he was19, while he stood in for a few songs at Nuno's. Being a blues guitarist, he came from a musical family and he also fell into it. The JT Coldfire band has been called one of the most entertaining blues groups in the Austin area that can bring excitement with every show, they try to exuberate awesomeness. Delivering a bold charismatic feel with their sets. Drummer Max traveled a bit , spending five years living in colorado before landing in Austin, he thinks that apart from the traffic everything is quite welcoming. One universal rule for this group is that they each work at never getting comfortable and keep moving forward progressively.

Casey Epps, a close friend of the band, began as a heavy metal vocalist before the blues set in, he commented on thursday that he found it to be," a very easy transistion,both require you to take you pain and exercise it." He first was introduced to JT in 2006, he recalls the band's performance for an extremely diverse crowd that night. He often takes the stage for a couple songs whenever he gets the chance. Sharing songs from Muddy Waters, BB King, Howlin' Wolf and other great blues legends, the crowd never gets tired of hearing the greats. Along with Casey, I got to stand in with the band during a song, they each have a unique talent and are truly delightful to jam with live.

 The JT Coldfire band plays every Thursday and Sunday night at Nuno's. They take the stage around 10:30 and finish at 2am. There is typically a cover but it is no more than $5, it is definitely worth it they are a captivating band with an amazing sound.

Nuno's is located on the corner of sixth and nueces, right in the thick of the downtown scene. It is a fantastic bar that pipes out live blues every night of the week. It is tastefully adorned with local legends and memorablilia covering  the walls, antique mugs hanging above the bar and a colorful dim-lit atmosphere.

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