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Austin 73rd Rodeo

Austin's 73rd Annual Rodeo
Austin's 73rd Annual Rodeo
Melissa Sue Photography

SXSW may be over, but the fun in Austin has not ended.  Wednesday was a messy weather day, but it didn't stop the music nor the stock to be judged at the Austin's 73rd Rodeo. I arrived at the Austin Rodeo Wednesday around 3:00PM right before the mists from the West came in that later turned into cracking thunder and pouring rain. Not many people were out enjoying the festivities, but the music was still going strong along with the stock show, the kiddie tent, and inside the general store people were still spending money. 

As I walked the grounds filled with barbecue and turkey leg aromas, I watched the kids playing in the puddles, and cowboys and cowgirls, and crowds inside the tents.  I visited the kiddie tent to find a petting zoo filled with deer, alpacas, and goats, pony rides, and Blue.  Blue is a milking cow for Borden Dairy, she taught the children what kinds of cows are out on the local farms and how they produce milk.  Borden was also giving out free quesadilla samples for the hungry.  The rain helped keep the kiddie tent filled. 

Later, I found myself watching the Swine Sprints.  In this tent, they had three different sprints, the boys, the girls, and the boars.  With cheerleaders in the bleachers, the pigs created a fun atmosphere for people of all ages. 

Around 6:00PM people began showing up for the main event...ProRodeo & Billy Currington.  With Pyrotechnics before the main event the crowds were really starting to build.  At 7PM the bareback riding, bull riding, and tie downs began.  The excitement was high, and even more so when the concert at 9:30PM began.  The crowds go even more wild when Billy Currington began his show with "That's How Country Boys Roll."  No one even noticed the storm brewing outside.

The Austin Rodeo is an annual event and an event that you definitely need to see.  This weekend is the last weekend where the best of the best bull riders and bareback riders will be seen, if you missed the last two weeks, be sure to get there this Saturday.  For more information visit