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Austensen suggests shortened Georgia public school year

Georgia Illiteracy (25%)
Georgia Illiteracy (25%)
Renise Black

Fresh off the presses this morning - According to the AJC Scott Austensen,Deputy School Superintendent suggested yesterday that the state of Georgia reduce its 180 day school year. This is an attempt to balance the state's budget. According to GBPI education comprises 50% of the budget and is the most likely victim of any budget cuts.

 Before the powers that be rush to judgement here are some facts that GBPI also mention:

  • 16% (1 million) of all Georgia adults do not have a high school diploma or GED (GBPI)
  • Per student spending is about to be cut to its lowest level - currently $7,000 per student (GPBI)
  • Emory study finds that 11% of students drop out of high school

Future actions against education will have a ripple effect. It will mean an increasingly uneducated population in a high tech, educated world. Georgia students will not be able to compete locally or nationally. The education gap between children in private school and public school will only increase.

It does beg the question if Georgia is in a race to the bottom. This is dimetrically opposed to President Obama's Race to the Top competition. Already one of the lowest ranked states for education, reducing funding will put being ranked 50th in education within reach.


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