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Aussies praying for a miracle

Sports-loving Australia is pumped for its first game against Germany tomorrow. At first the reaction, knowing they pulled this straw, Australians were ready to write off the first game, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.  But as time draws near, Australians are exhibiting their two well known passions of sports and alcohol, and are arranging parties all over the country to watch the game at 4:30am Monday Sydney time. They are ready to support their beloved team, the Socceroos as they are known there.

Here in Los Angeles, at the sensible time of 11:30am, Sunday brunch has been arranged by Australians in LA (AILA). If you were unable to make it to the Sydney Olympics in 2000, this is a good location to see Australians at their cultural best. Locals at 5047 Pico, Los Angeles, is the place be to catch this particular type of Aussie species en masse.

Feisty Australia has been 'the little country that could' since its inception more than 200 years ago, and even though the German team threatened to tear the Socceroos limb from limb, Australian sports fans are not used to losing.  The Sydney Morning Herald notes with some glee that  the German team may not be playing at its best, due to the team's inexperience and the injuries they've sustained.  Even so, the German captain recently told the Associated Press "we want to be able to embarrass opponents with our playing skills." Ouch.