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Aussies Lime Cordiale American tour brings them to San Diego

Lime Cordiale may sound like a strange name to American ears, but across the sea in Australia, they are 5 piece indie rock group feverishly gaining a following through extensive touring and the release of their 2nd EP released earlier this year. Their tours, some of which with big Aussie names such as The Rubens and Icehouse, have finally allowed them to land on North American shores for a run through Canada and the US, which included a stint at SXSW.

Lime Cordiale live at the Soda Bar-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

Their sound has evolved from the music scene of Sydney’s northern beaches. Brassy, surf eclectic and brimming with teenage angst, the band has a repertoire of songs that dips its toes in a variety of different genres, from ska to funk, and jazz to pop. The variety of sounds don’t take away from the band’s personal style, but rather distinguish them from the rest. Lime Cordiale’s 2nd album, Falling Up The Stairs, brushes off the sophomore slump curse, and really allows the band to shine. Soulful and groove-oriented, the utilization of trombone and other brass instruments is a fantastic touch to give the pop a bit of soul.

Though the Soda Bar marked the band’s first ever gig in San Diego, the band had a pretty solid crowd there to see them. Brothers Oliver and Louis Leimbach (guitar and bass guitar, respectively) front the band, sharing vocals duties fairly evenly. They’re joined by James Jennings (drums), and US touring members Willow Robinson (guitar) and Sean Shackelford (trombone). The set included songs from both of their albums, including “Pretty Girl” from their first EP, Faceless Cat, and “Sleeping at Your Door,” one of their newer singles.

The talent of all the members is something that really exemplifies why Lime Cordiale stands out amongst the indie rock scene. Robinson and Shackelford, the two touring members for the US tour, both had to learn their parts quickly and yet, seemed like they had been playing with the band for years. Surprises came when Oli and Louis traded their bass and guitar for a trumpet and clarinet in a couple songs, proving that they are far from a one trick pony show.

From Sydney to Austin, and now California and onto the rest of the country, Lime Cordiale are quickly coming up as a band to keep an eye on. If they make it to a venue near you, check them out. And while your at it, check out their newest EP. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer.

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