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Aurtronic: Fuel Efficient Hybrid Transmission Technology For All Vehicles.

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This can change how often you have to fill up. The patented transmission is a redesign of the automatic and manual transmissions. It can be installed in sedans, SUVs, trucks mini and full size vans. No more expensive than a standard automatic transmission, the system was patented in 2013 and can be integrated as a retrofit. The goal, therefore, is to provide a revolutionary solution for the entire automotive industry. A better car with less fuel requirement is a dream for many car owners – and an upgrade to the Aurtronic Transmission aims to do that.

Although an existing technology that promises fuel efficiency such as hybrid vehicles already exists, these current hybrids are niche, too expensive and mostly too impractical for the mainstream user. The Aurtronic requires minimal changes in most vehicles. It is designed so that it can be retrofitted to most types of vehicles. The transmission can be installed during vehicle assembly line in the production phase easily because 60% of its components are already available in the market.

The perks include having it installed on your car, sports caps, t shirts, cups and pens

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